My views

Understanding suffering

Suffering exists to teach us specific lessons that promote our expansion. Only in its discomfort do we direct our energy inward, seeking truth and growth. When we avoid our pain, we reject its lessons and our growth becomes stifled. In this state, our subconscious expends a great deal of energy to hold back our emotions. This prevents us from being able to fully use our mind and experiencing joy in the present moment. Though our true emotions are hidden, they are ever present and reveal themselves whenever we are still. We will go through similar life circumstances that remind us of our wounds because we are meant to go through them and learn their accompanying lessons. Only then do we acquire self mastery and become our true self.

Understanding emotions

Emotions are energy in motion. They provide us with the energy to enact change in our lives. This energy can be used in a constructive or destructive manner, and we have the choice to direct it in a path that is most beneficial for ourselves and others. Emotions must be be allowed to flow freely, though in a healthy way, because it's very nature is to be in motion. Through our suppression, emotions can become stagnant. When this happens, they have a toxic effect on our body and mind, impeding the flow of our essence into the world. When we fully feel through, express, and understand the deep emotions that we run away from, we become freed form them, allowing us to be a positive force in our life and that of others.